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Publishing Master Course Outline

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General Articles

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There is a lot of content that doesn't necessarily fit into a specific section in our Publishing Master Course. We've tried to gather these articles and put them all on this page. If there's something you'd like to see covered that we don't currently cover, please let us know.

All About ISBN Numbers

The ISBN is the International Standard Book Number and is typically required to publish a printed book. It's 13 digit number, or 10 digits if it was assigned before 2007, that uniquely identifies your cookbook. Learn how to obtain an ISBN number and where to put it in your book.

How Do Cookbook Royalties Work?

Royalties are one of the main concerns of many authors. There are a few different ways to calculate royalties and we'll step you through the most popular ones.

Financing Your Self Published Cookbook

There are many ways to finance your self published cookbook including with your savings, through KickStarter, or by reaching out to your readers but many people can self finance due to the low cost.

What is the Amazon Sales Rank?

The Amazon Best Seller Sales Rank is an indicator of how well your book is currently selling in relation to other books and many authors use it to determine if their book is successful. Learn all about the Amazon Sales Rank and how it affects your book.

Cookbook Writing Resources

There are many books, websites, and other tools that will help you write and publish a cookbook.

Understanding Book Margins

Margins are the area between the edges of the pages and where the text or images start and it's critical to get them right when self publishing a cookbook.

PDF Self Publishing FAQs

PDFs are the most commonly used file format to send manuscripts to the printers and here is our answers to how to save pdfs, format pdfs, and reduce the file size.

How to Poll Your Blog Readers

As a food blogger, you have an invaluable resource you can tap - your readers. If your subject overlaps your blog at all, it's a great idea to reach out to your readers and ask them what they'd like to see in a book about your subject.

What is DRM

What is DRM? It stands for Digital Rights Management and it is a form of copy protection that attempts to prevent the unauthorized use and copying of ebooks. Learn if DRM is right for you.

Great Books to Learn About Food and Recipe Writing

There are many great books to learn about writing about food and writing cookbooks. Here is our list of our favorites.

KDP Select - What Is It and Is It Worth it?

What is KDP Select and is it worth using?

Cookbook Design Programs

There is a lot of graphics work that can happen when designing a cookbook and touching up photographs. Depending on your preferences there are many different options you can turn to.

Amazon Top Cookbook Reviewers

Finding Amazon top cookbook reviewers and their email addresses is very time consuming so we've created a list of current reviewers to save you the time of looking for them yourself.

Should You Publish Your ebook Directly or Use a Distributor

We have found that there are numerous advantages, and some disadvantages, to publishing your ebook directly instead of using an ebook distributor.
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