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How to Get Blogs to Write About Your Cookbook

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There are many ways to get other blogs to write about your upcoming cookbook. It's important to start developing relationships with other bloggers before you will be asking them to promote your content. The longer you've been working together, and the more you've done to support them, the more receptive they will be.

Here are several options for successfully working with other bloggers to garner promotion for your book. Feel free to combine methods for maximum impact.

Author Interviews

If you have a good relationship with another blogger, you can offer to do an interview for their blog. You can discuss your book and talk about tips and tricks that might help their readers. This helps spread awareness of your book while providing good content for the other blogger. Make sure when you present your pitch you discuss what the readers of the other blog will get out of your interview, so it isn't just straight marketing.

Book Giveaways

A great way to get cheap promotion is by providing free copies of your book to other blogs for giveaways. These blogs can then pass these books on to their readers, spreading the word about your books and leading to lots of additional promotion.

Guest Posts

Providing recipes from your book, or articles discussing techniques and equipment used in your book is a great way to get the name of your cookbook in front of new readers. Pitching these posts to other bloggers offers a clear benefit for them, in the form of free content. Make sure you tailor each guest post so it matches up with what their audience is looking for.

Affiliate Network

If you have created a PDF for sale you can pass along the affiliate network information to other bloggers. This allows them to get paid by promoting your cookbook.

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