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Ebook Publishers and Distributors

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There are many different places you can sell ebooks and many use their own formats. Luckily there are few, if any, changes you need to make to your book to publish with the majority of them.

You have several options when publishing an ebook. You can format and submit it to each platform yourself, or you can use an ebook distribution service like Smashwords that will convert and submit your ebook to multiple publishers.

The distribution services are usually the easiest route to go, but they do take a cut of your royalties and sometimes charge set up fees. Publishing your book yourself takes more time but you will get more money in the long run. We have a more detailed articles about should you use an ebook distributor or not.

I personally format my ebooks and directly submit them to the Kindle, iTunes, and Nook stores. These 3 bring in the majority of our income so we want to maximize the royalties. We then use Smashwords to submit to all the other services out there. By way of comparison, in the first third of 2015 I have sold 30 ebooks through the 12 retailers we use Smashwords for and 1,400 copies on the Kindle alone.

Ebook Publishers

The main online retailers of ebooks, listed in order of our sales, are:

There are many more online retailers but this covers the ones we have at least sold a book through in the last two years.

Ebook Distributors

The major ebooks distribution services are:

Often Print On Demand companies will make it easy for you to take your printed book and convert it to an ebook. For example, IngramSpark will convert your book PDF into a EPUB which it will distribute to every major ebook retailer in the world: Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, and Kobo as well as 70 emerging ebook retailers. Similarly, CreateSpace will convert your paperback book to ebook for $79 and distribute it through Kindle Direct Publishing.

Selling PDFs

You can also sell PDFs directly from your blog, from your email newsletters, or through other marketing channels.

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