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Do you want to publish a cookbook?

Right now, self publishing is easy. You don't need money. You don't need a place to store thousands of books. And you definitely don't need to get permission from anyone else. You just need an idea for a book and the work ethic to actually write it.

Best selling author Jason Logsdon has written and self published 9 cookbooks including an Amazon top 20 cookbook. His cookbooks have sold more than 60,000 copies and in Self Publishing Made Easy: Cookbooks he'll share his insight into the self publishing process.

Are you ready to finally publish the cookbook of your dreams?

Jason makes the process clear and easy, allowing you to focus on creating a remarkable cookbook without any distractions.

Easily Navigate The Publishing Process

This book makes the publishing process straightforward. It takes you from your initial concept to a published cookbook including the researching, writing, printing, marketing and distribution of your book.

Maximize Your Distribution and Profit

Discover how to produce your cookbook in multiple formats and sell through various online and offline retailers and wholesalers to maximize your distribution and sales.

Publish Your Cookbook

In this book you will discover everything you need to know to successfully publish your first cookbook. The book encompasses selecting your topic, doing research, writing, editing, cover design, preparing the book for distribution and everything in between.

Market Your Cookbook

Explore the various ways you can launch and market your book to maximize sales. A strong launch is key to a successful book and you will learn lots of ways to accomplish it.

Receive Support and Encouragement

Publishing a cookbook has many challenges and having a supportive group of self publishers to lean on can make all the difference. Everyone who purchases the book is invited into our online publishing community. Similar to a mastermind group, the community will help you overcome challenges, benefit from the lessons learned by others and be motivated to press on by the camaraderie of your peers.

Achieve a Wide Distribution

Capitalize on distributing your cookbook through a multitude of channels and formats. The book shares how to make your cookbook available to both retail and wholesale channels, and formatted for print, Kindle, iBook, Nook and PDF.

Create the Buzz

Strategies for developing buzz surrounding the sale of your cookbook are revealed. These include obtaining reviews and recommendations, evaluating a free giveaway, acquiring press coverage, maximizing your Amazon ranking, and many more.