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Publishing Master Course Outline

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Design Cookbook

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Once your book is written and edited it's time to design the book and create the standard book pages. There are many components to designing a book. First, read over our cookbook design and formatting guidelines for some specific tips on designing your cookbook.

Part of the design process is choosing a title for your book. Once you have your title you can design your cookbook cover.

Once the cover is designed, you can move inside the book. This includes choosing fonts and creating both the standard cookbook front matter and cookbook back matter. It may also include adding in some in book marketing.

If you are doing an ebook, there are a few ebook design decisions followed up by the creation of an epub file.

Depending on your background and interests, some people will need more design help than others. Luckily there's a lot available when you need to find outside design help.

Which Book Format to Write and Design For

When writing your book, you don't have to focus on a format but once you move into the design phase the format you choose will affect many things. It is a good idea to initially focus on the format that is most important to you and that you will spend the majority of your marketing time on. Then you can tweak that design into the other formats.

For my books I tend to focus on the print versions. They are my largest sellers and money makers. I start off optimizing my books for the print format then convert the finalized book into the other formats.

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