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Publishing Master Course Outline

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Research Cookbook Subject

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There are two main components to look at when researching your cookbook. The first is to research the subject your cookbook is about and the second is to research the actual information that will be in the book. During the researching process there are also many outlining and notetaking tools you can take advantage of.

Researching the Cookbook Subject

Researching your cookbook subject entails figuring out exactly what content should go into your book. There are two steps to this process. The first is to pick your avatars and the second is to determine what they are looking for.

Research Cookbook Information

It is rare to write a book and know how to do 100% of the things you are writing about. So the second main researching task is to research the cookbook material and learn how to do everything you don't already know how to do, or learn how to do it better. This involves a lot of researching on the internet and in cookbooks as well as reaching out to your network and message boards, followed up by lots and lots of testing.

Outlining and Note Taking Tools

During this process it is very helpful to have a place to store all your information and to help layout your content. We provide many outlining and note taking tools to help you out.

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