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In-Book Marketing

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Your cookbook is a great place to market you, your blog, and your other books. Here are a few things you may want to market inside of your cookbook.

Opt-in to Your Newsletter

Giving your readers an indication of where they can sign up for your newsletter in order to get more great content is a great use of space in your book. You are speaking directly to readers who thought enough of your book to purchase it and are currently reading it. This link can go anywhere in the book. I tend to put one in my introduction, in a chapter intro around the middle of the book, and at the end of the book.

You can also offer a freebie if they sign up, such as "If you liked my baking book sign up for my newsletter and I'll send you my foolproof recipe for pie dough".

Advertise Your Other Books

If you have other books be sure to advertise them in each book you put out. We highlight ours both on the "Other Books" page at the beginning, in the resources section, and on the final page of our books. If the readers are enjoying your book there's a great chance they will want to purchase more of your books.

Some people will go as far as having several pages from one of their other books in the back of a new book. It allows people to get immersed in it before prompting them where to purchase the entire book.

Link to Your Blog

If the readers are enjoying your book there's a good chance they will also enjoy your blog. Providing links to your blog is a great way to drive the readership of your blog. You can either provide a generic link to the front of your blog or create links to specific content on your site as a "for more information please see this article on my website at XXX".

Review Requests

Getting reviews for your books is always hard, especially if you never ask for them! Adding a short note to your book along the lines of:

"My cookbooks can't be successful without YOUR help. If you are enjoying this book could you spend 5 minutes and leave a review on Amazon here: XXX"

It normally makes the most sense to leave these at the middle or end of the book. Placing them at the beginning means they will be read by people who haven't really read your book yet. If they are in the middle or end they are also more likely to only be seen by people who are enjoying your cookbook.

Use Live Links

For Kindle and eBooks, all of these items should be live links that the user can just click on. That will save them from having to type in urls or cut and paste them. Having a link they can click greatly increases the click rate.

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