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Developing a Wholesaling Line Sheet

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To look completely professional when looking for companies to wholesale through it is a good idea to create a wholesale "line sheet". A line sheet is basically a marketing flyer with information about your book, the purchasing and payment process, and any other terms and conditions. You pass this line sheet along to any companies interested in carrying your books.

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Components of a Line Sheet

There are many variations on line sheets but there are similar types of information on many of them.

Your Brand or Logo

Your brand or logo should be front and center. This helps remind them who they are working with as well as build brand recognition towards your website in the future.

Contact Information

You should include your contact information in a prominent location so the companies can easily find out how to contact you. The minimum information should be your email address and physical address. Often times a phone number and fax number will also be included.

Book Information

Make sure you provide enough information about your book so they can make a buying decision. At a minimum you should include the cover, title, list price, and a wholesale price. We also recommend including a description and potentially a link to a sales page for the book, either on your website or on Amazon.

Billing Information

While you often have to work with the billing system a company prefers, it doesn't hurt to have your preferred billing method on your line sheet. Some billing information includes the forms of payment accepted (credit card, check, bank transfer), the payment terms (net 30, net 60, consignment, etc), any bulk discounts offered (10% off for purchases of more than X books), any minimum order amounts, and whether or not shipping is included in the price.

More Line Sheet Resources

Line sheets can be very diverse and we have just scratched the surface. If you would like to dive deeper into line sheets, there are several places we recommend for more information.

Indie Retail Academy has two great articles about line sheets: So what the hell is a linesheet, anyway? and How to Make a Line Sheet that Makes Selling Easy. Oh My Handmade also has a good article covering them. We highly recommend reading through those articles for the full scoop on line sheets, including many samples. For more examples of line sheets, you can simply do a "line sheet" image search on Google.

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