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Publishing Master Course Outline

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Before You Get Started

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It can be tempting to jump right into writing a cookbook. We all have so many ideas and recipes floating around in our heads and we just want to get them down. However, to make the process go smoothly, it's best to first step back, understand the publishing process, and consider some questions.

Overview of the Publishing Process

Getting started self publishing can be a daunting process. Here is our overview of the self publishing process, as well as links to all the relevant sections in the Publishing Master Course.

What Makes a Successful Cookbook?

This is one of those questions that sounds easy to answer but is actually very nuanced. There are several different reasons to write a cookbook, and many different goals you could have. Making money is just one of the goals many authors strive towards. Explore how to determine the goals of your cookbook.

What Type of Cookbook Will You Write

Everyone is familiar with the recipe-centric cookbooks, but they are not the only kind of cookbooks you can write. Familiarize yourself with the different types of cookbooks and decide which one is right for you before you get started.

Consider a Sample Book

There is a lot to manage when you are learning about the self publishing process so we recommend that you consider doing a sample book first. It will help you learn the publishing process, discover what works for you and your writing style, and iron out many of the wrinkles you will run into.

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