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Publishing Master Course Outline

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Overview of the Publishing Process

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The path to publishing a cookbook is long and has many steps but when it's broken down into pieces the process is easy to understand and follow. Here is the general process for self publishing a cookbook, with links to more details about each step of the process.

The first step is to determine what your cookbook will be about and what content it will contain. The second step is to research, write, and edit the book. The third step is to design and publish the book. The fourth step is to promote and distribute the cookbook.

We recommend taking some time and at least reading through the different section intros for the publishing processes. This will give you a good idea of what to expect during the publishing process. It will also alert you to things that should be started early on in the process. This includes things like understanding the different book formats and types of printers, as well as many tasks to promote your cookbook such as newsletter building and networking that should be worked on as you go along for full effect.

1) Determine What the Book is About

There are several steps to determining what your cookbook is about.

Figuring out the goals of your cookbook is also critical and affects all your publishing decisions.

There are many types of cookbooks you can write including Recipe-Based, Informational, Collaborative, and Historical or Story Based.

Exploring how to determine the subject of your cookbook is one of the most important steps in successful book publication.

2) Research, Write and Edit the Cookbook

Gathering enough information for your book involves researching your cookbook, including what information it will contain and what that information actually is.

Now that you have a real good idea of the the content the book will include you can start writing the recipes and other material.

Once the content and recipes are written, you need to photograph and test your recipesthen proofread and edit the cookbook.

3) Design and Publish the Book

After testing and editing is done, you need to determine what format it will be in including print or digital. You can pick several different formats to publish in. This can also entail picking a printing platform.

Based on the format and/or printer picked, the design of your cookbook will be implemented, including the title, table of contents, typography, and general formatting.

After the design is completed you are finally ready to publish your cookbook on the platforms of your choice!

4) Promote and Distribute the Book

Once your cookbook is available for sale you can promote it through various channels.

You can also expand your distribution though many different options.

While the steps can be followed in order, it's easy to jump between them. I will often do most of my writing and recipes at the same time I'm researching the book. I also try to do recipe testing and photography throughout the process so it's not all left at the end. So don't feel like you have to stick to the steps in order if something else is calling to you.

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