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Publishing Master Course Outline

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Write Cookbook and Recipes

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Once you've researched your cookbook it's finally time to start writing it! There are two main components to a cookbook, the introductory and descriptive sections and the recipes themselves. Both components take different skills to write and both are very important.

You can start off by learning the keys to a well written book and refreshing your self of the components of a recipe and how recipe attribution works. We also suggest many book writing tools and how to backup your files.

Writing an entire cookbook can be a really daunting task. What helps me to get through it is to focus on small daily goals. For instance, I'll set a goal to wake up every day and write either a page of content or a recipe until the book is ready for testing and proofing. I do this before I do anything else in my day. This ensures that I'm slowly making progress on my book and not letting the work back up. Some days I'll be inspired and get much more writing done, but starting the day off with a small win is a great way to build up momentum.

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